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Manufacturing Process Consultation

When you work with us at Mechanical Design Alliance in Jacksonville, Florida, we can provide you the design and manufacturing process understanding needed to take your product from concept to final fabrication, and advise you in all of the steps along the way. We understand getting the end product you imagined can be highly detailed and cumbersome. Let our expertise provide you with the means to get it done right the first time.


Design Processes

Generation 3D Part and Assembly Solid Models 

Using the CAD software SolidWorks™, we will create a working solid model that accurately represents your parts and assemblies. We can then export these parts into any file format that you prefer: Parasolids, IGES, STEP, etc…

Manufacturing Drawings & Blueprints Including Realistic Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerance

Machining and fabrication often require detailed drawings to ensure production accuracy. The manufacturing drawings we provided have all the dimensions and symbols required to make sure all the geometric relationships for your products are clearly laid out and the design intent is not lost. While any drafting company might be able to provide drawing services, we ensure every feature and component is evaluated and complies with the intended assembly or manufacturing processes. In short, we ensure the tolerances are tight enough for your end product to function properly, but NOT so strict that you incur excessive machining or fabrication costs.  

Design for Manufacturability

If you want certain features on your product or to look a certain way, we'll let you know how it can be done, how it should be done, and how long it takes to get done. We can immediately determine how attainable and practical your idea is, and make recommendations to preserve your design intent and ensure manufacturability.


Assembly, Tolerance Stack-up, & Interference Evaluation & Design
For products that have many components, each separate component will have to be machined and manufactured. Given the variables across each component, we can help you determine how the tolerances stack up and design around it. Too much variation and your design may bind or seize up. Our expertise will make your parts move and mesh properly.

Failure Mode Analysis and Effects Analysis
Failure analysis is a systemic technique to analyze failures and what problems have arisen. We will analyze all areas of potential failures for each part and generate a FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) for each. Mechanical Design Alliance will evaluate manufacturing failures and see how a bad part can slip through to prevent further issues.

Design to Minimize Production Cycle Time
If you want to make parts in the thousands, we'll provide the analysis to strike the right balance between strength, heat, corrosion, material, and size tolerances and cycle time. With an understanding of your design intent, we'll meet them and minimize how long the manufacturing process takes.

Machinery Requirements for Manufacturing
In order to make your products, you'll need machines to make them. We can provide process details, requirements, and brand recommendations for your machinery for the creation of your products, such as turning machines, EDM (electrical discharge machines), waterjets, mills, lathes, and grinding equipment.

Material Specification for Process & Environment
For end users, we provide materials consulting to make sure your product will work in water, salt water, etc. We will take into account the environment and material tolerances to make sure your design intents survive the wear and tear of use. Our company specializes in alloy and stainless steels, aluminum alloys, and some plastics. We'll take into account how much the product needs to bend, flex, and move but not break. As engineers we have flexibility to make materials behave differently by altering the physical property of the part through thermal processing.