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Manufacturability of Design, Visual Aesthetics,

& Product Realization

When you want attainable products that are designed to last, Mechanical Design Alliance has you covered. Whether you have “napkin drawings” or complex 3D models, we are able to grasp and conceptualize your ideas, turn them into realistic designs, and effectively relay how your product should be made. Our industry experience includes: Automotive and Gearing, Heavy industrial equipment, Micro Antennas, Composites for Aerospace and Submarines, and Fire Arms. We specialize in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances from the perspective of Form, Fit and Function, while keeping product cost and cycle time in sharp focus. We know the feel and uniqueness of your product should never be overlooked or compromised! We blend your concepts and our artistic creativity into a truly manufacturable product. Our strong background in materials, machinery, applications, and manufacturing processes ensure that you end up with the product you first had in mind.

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High-tech Tools

Collaborative Design

We will work with you to ensure every aspect of your concept makes it into the final design, with as many iterations along the way as you need. Once a project is underway, we are very responsive to your suggestions and concerns, even down to minor cosmetic details. Our service fees are based on the complexity of the design and how much of the product realization you require. With this flexibility, you can find solutions for every budget: Concept Art, Accurate 3D Models and Assemblies, Detailed Drawings with Tolerances, Design Evaluations, Machinery Specifications, Work Instructions, Rapid Prototypes, or Process Recommendations.





High-tech Tools

We specialize in state-of-the-art CAD and CAM Software: SolidWorks™, CAMWorks™, and Esprit™. We’ve operated and programmed for the following CNC equipment: Gearing Shapers, Gear Hobbing, Mill-Turn Centers, Cylindrical and Face Grinding, Multi-Axis Mills, Multi-Turret Lathes, Waterjets, and Wire EDMs. Take your products to the next level with our CAD / CAM services.